"You can always build another one."

That's the motto of Mere's Mopeds, which is currently the proud owner of 10 custom mopeds, all built by JP.

"Think outside the square and you'll be on the way to a great looking, themed machine," JP says.

"As for the build, you don't need any more than basic tools and a little know-how. Stuff up? Throw away and start again."

The great thing about building a Mere moped is that it doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg - only a finger and a nail! All you need is imagination and a good eye for detail.

The mopeds all start out as old steel framed bicycles; nothing flash or expensive. The finished mopeds all come from bikes you'd find in the back shed, past their prime and in need of some TLC.

Bike bits are acquired from around the place. The motors come in kit form and are purchased from specialist suppliers (see the links page). Paint is applied straight from the can or pot (except for the little red bike; that was an expensive spray job at $25), and maybe a nice seat is thrown on the top. That's it! A custom machine is born. But it's altogether old school: Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! - that's how JP likes it.

The moped building originally began one winter when bicycle trade was slower, but these days JP and Mere are always flat out with both bikes and mopeds.